As our clients accumulate wealth, their property and liability insurance needs become much more complex.  Coverage alone may not be enough to protect the lifestyle they’ve built.  Serna’s Private Client Services specializes in crafting customize programs for those with a lot to protect.  Working with a select few carriers, we marry sound financial coverage with services designed to reduce the likelihood and severity of claims.  Following is a sampling of our advantages

Safeguarding homes

  • We can enable our clients to rebuild on-site to match the exceptional building quality of their homes—even if doing so exceeds the policy limits.
  • We can craft a policy to align with an alternate structure such as an LLC, LLP or trust if that is how our client purchases a home.
  • A broad range of coverage enhancements, including equipment breakdown and green rebuilding, can be added to help protect the unique aspects of a home.
  • Complimentary vulnerability assessments and proactive disaster planning services offer added protection from theft, fire, earthquake, wind and water damage.

Addressing liability exposure

  • Insufficient liability insurance is one of the leading threats to personal wealth.  We can offer up to $100 million in coverage to protect our clients and their families against personal injury and property damage.
  • Optional coverages can be added to address the risks that come with employing private staff or sitting on not-for-profit boards.  Coverage is also available in the event of an auto accident caused by someone with insufficient (or no) insurance.
  • Complimentary access to preliminary background checks on private staff helps ensure that those taking care of our clients’ family and property are both qualified and credible.

Protecting Passions

  • We appreciate the dedication it takes to build a unique collection of artwork, wine, jewelry, antiques and more.  We can offer comprehensive, worldwide coverage for a wide range of perils.
  • In addition to robust insurance coverage, our carriers employ in-house art collection managers who are on call to help preserve the value of collections and keep them out of harm’s way.